S30 HQ Day 2024: Strengthening Our Community

HQ Day 2024 was a pivotal event for us at S30 Studio, bringing together our franchise network to align on our direction for the upcoming quarter. Hosted by our athletic and marketing teams, the day was centred on deepening our understanding of programming phases, perfecting movement patterns, and exploring how our programming and marketing efforts combine to create a cohesive experience for both members and franchisees.

Key Topics of the Day

  • Welcoming new staff and hires into our team
  • Support and growth strategies for new franchisees
  • Enhancements in programming and training for a better member experience
  • The launch of ‘Thirty’, our next marketing campaign
  • Ongoing education for trainers and staff
  • Advancements in technology to support our operations and community engagement

Morning Insights and Strategy

The day kicked off with a focus on sharing strategies and insights. From new hires to heads of departments and franchisees, everyone had a voice in shaping our initiatives for 2024. Discussions covered everything from programming, upcoming campaigns and enhancements in our technology.

Hands-On Afternoon

The afternoon was all about action. Our trainers led sessions on upcoming program changes and new movement skills, directly linking how these improvements will benefit our classes and Studio Games workouts. It was a practical demonstration ensuring all franchisees, managers and coaches got involved.

Closing with a Team Workout

The day wrapped up with a team workout, immersing staff in the new Studio Games workouts. This wasn’t just a workout session; it was an opportunity for our team to engage with the workouts they’ll be leading and supporting. Staff had the chance to experience the intensity and dynamics of these sessions, understanding not just the movement patterns but also the judging criteria critical for fair play and competition in our Studio Games.

Media Support from Perth FitFam

A special note of thanks to Perth FitFam, who joined us for the entire day. Their team was busy behind the camera capturing the energy and essence of HQ Day, creating engaging content, reels, and taking our team headshots.

As always, they delivered some amazing content, check out the highlight reel below:

Wrap up

HQ Day showcases our leadership and the innovative spirit S30 brings to the fitness industry. By continually advancing our programming, refining our marketing strategies, and embracing the latest in technology, we ensure our community not only keeps pace but sets the trend in the fitness world.

We’re already moving forward with plans for our second HQ Day, in July 2024. Anticipate new, innovative projects, advanced training methods and a deeper community connection. Our focus remains on leading with innovation and supporting our community’s success!

– S30 HQ