You know how someone is talking to you about a subject you’re not 100% sure about, but you keep nodding your head in agreement while you’re silently trying to figure it out? 

Well, that’s most of us when the term ‘percentage-based training’ is thrown around. I mean, we get the general gist but what exactly is it? 

Presenting Noel Rosario. Queensland resident, trainer at S30 Browns Plains, loves a good spreadsheet and is the mastermind behind all things percentage-based training here at S30, we got him cornered and demanded answers! 

So, Noel, Percentage Based Training. Wtf is it?

A percentage based program is a tool that coaches use to build specific strength and performance outcomes over an extended period of time. Basically, it’s a training block. 

By using a percentage based training program a coach is able to develop an athlete over time using progressive overload, which can be applied through a variety of stimulus and training protocols. This helps an individual safely and confidently achieve or surpass performance goals. 

For the individual, percentage based training means they are able to come to each and every session with two critically important pieces of the training puzzle – a purpose for being there, and a defined outcome that they want to achieve. 

This manifests itself in two key ways – focus and Intent.

Ahhh manifests… We get it now, but how is it beneficial to the S30 workout?

Combining our benchmarking and testing classes ‘All The Way Up’ and ‘I’m on a New Level’, with an individually prepared percentage based training program means our coaches are able to customise the training journey for each individual within our community, adjust and review training progress throughout a block and ultimately extract the best result for each individual.

Is percentage-based training normal in group fitness classes?

Percentage based training is common in CrossFit, weightlifting clubs, high level sporting teams and powerlifting gyms. It’s essentially a core piece of strength and conditioning. 

We haven’t really seen it in a group fitness setting yet, but we also don’t want to say we’re the first. I encourage everyone to give it a go though!

Is percentage based training the reason why I feel like Thor?

Nope – that’s just all you baby.

Percentage-based training 101 complete. Your certificate is in the mail.