Athlete: Add it to your resume skills, because after hitting S30 Studio’s hottest new hybrid group training class, XXPLOSIVE, you’re gonna feel like one.

XXPLOSIVE is a new class we’re bringing in to really finish the week with a bang. Containing training protocols that will help members develop athletic explosiveness, XXPLOSIVE is a hybrid cardio class designed to make you jump higher, sprint faster and increase instantaneous power output. And these big words mean big business.

A block and B block consist of a heavier lift, paired with an explosive movement, with Block C rounding off the workout with a cardiovascular sprint straight into a weight-based movement. Check out the preview here…

Expect to be challenged with reps of one or two weight movements, before going straight into a small amount of explosive plyometric movements. Set the bar high and aim to complete four to five sets during each block.

Helping you channel your inner grenade, XXPLOSIVE is an accountability masterclass using the you-go-I-go format, we’re challenging you to ensure both you and your homie come out of XXPLOSIVE feeling that special kinda post-work out buzz that only S30 can provide.

Cancel Sunday brunch and add this badboy to your calendar to get a full-body hybrid workout that will blow your mind.

Big love, fam.