Mermaid Beach. What sort of emotions does this name evoke?

Calmness, tranquillity, sprawling sands and baby blue oceans. Sounds lush, right? It’s a place straight out of a storybook, with views galore and a continuously balmy breeze – so let’s plonk an S30 right in the middle, y’know, to mix things up a little *insert devil emoji here*.

S30 Mermaid Beach is on its way to QLD and it’s only weeks away from opening, so we thought we’d sit down with one of the owners to get the 411 on why he’s REEEEALLY dipping into the S30 experience. Ladies, gentlemen, and everyone in between, meet former professional rugby league footballer and co-owner of the Mermaid Beach S30 franchise, Jordan Kahu.

So, Jordan, why S30?

The concept is super cool. I’ve been great mates with the S30 founders for years now and I remember them talking to me about it and how much I wanted to join them someday. When they approached me about bringing the workout to the GC, I couldn’t resist. It’s something new around here that the area needs, plus being different is something I always strive for. S30 ticks all those boxes and more.

What’s your favourite S30 workout?

Get Low or Lil Baddie, just because they really activate those glutes. I hardly ever did “leg day” because of rugby, so it felt good to step out of my comfort zone and try something different — challenge myself mentally and physically. When I couldn’t walk for a few days after, I knew it worked.

What do you do when you’re not in the studio?

I work full-time as a photographer and videographer so if I’m not out shooting, I’m in a chair editing. S30 helps balance that out and for some reason if I can’t make it to S30 for a class, I have three kids to run after — so I’m at least still getting some steps in.

We gotta know, what are your top three training tips?

1. Consistency over motivation — motivation is always good, but sometimes we lose it. There will be days when you wake up and don’t feel like training, which is why routine and consistency are really important. If you don’t train, you start to miss it.

2. Lifestyle over diet — stay balanced. I’m super balanced in my eating habits and love a treat every now and then. A lot of people fall into fad diets where they’re either in or out. Eating is super important not only for physical but mental health too.

3. Train with friends — being held accountable by other trainers and friends makes sure you’re there for others, and they’re there for you. Another reason why I love S30 – the community supports one another.

And finally, Jordan, if you could give your younger self any message, what would it be?

Hold yourself accountable and don’t make excuses. It’s always easy to justify a late night, feeling tired, or just can’t be bothered. At the end of the day the only person who’s going to look back into the mirror is you.

Oooof. How hard did that last quote hit you in the feels. Mermaid Beach opens soon, be sure to follow their socials and track their journey here.