Fit-Fest 2023: Recap

November 2023, S30 Studio hosted its very first inaugural Fit-Fest event in WA. With 1100 tickets sold, 600 athletes competing, and strong support from vendors and sponsors, Fit-Fest exceeded all expectations. What made this event truly special was its commitment to giving back, with all proceeds donated to a cause close to all of our hearts, The Happiness Co. Foundation.

Think ‘Health, Wellness & Fitness‘ with a FESTIVAL vibe

In true S30 fashion, Fit-Fest lived up to the initial vision of being Perth’s first unique fitness festival. It featured a signature S30 style workout challenge with 8 demanding stations, embodying the essence of S30’s fitness philosophy. Participants engaged in a rigorous combination of strength, hybrid, and conditioning exercises.

The rest of the space was buzzing, offering local food and beverages, vendors, and live entertainment. Fit-Fest was a true fitness festival, a first of its kind in Western Australia.

Uniting the Fitness Community

Fit-Fest 2023 was an event that truly celebrated inclusivity and brought together people from all walks of fitness. Our goal was to create an environment where everyone felt welcome, regardless of age, fitness level, or fitness regimen. We extended a warm invitation to participants from various fitness backgrounds, including CrossFit enthusiasts, Fit Stop devotees, F45 fanatics, avid runners, and regular gym-goers, among many others.

The essence of Fit-Fest lay in its ability to unite these diverse fitness communities under one roof. Fit-Fest aimed to erase the boundaries that sometimes separate these fitness niches and foster a sense of camaraderie and mutual support.

Fit Stop: Fit Fest

A Place for Everyone

Fit-Fest’s inclusivity was evident with no fitness level categories, the workout programmed suited all fitness levels, catering to both beginners and experienced athletes. Whether you were new to fitness or a seasoned pro, there was a place for you at Fit-Fest. Beginners could test their limits in a supportive environment, while experienced athletes could compete at a higher level.

The afterparty that followed was a testament to this inclusive spirit. With pop-up bars serving refreshments and DJ performances keeping the energy high, it was a celebration where everyone, regardless of their fitness background, could come together and enjoy the festivities. 

Fit Fest: After party
As the sunset, and the competition came to close, the after party begun.

Giving Back: A Core Principle

Fit-Fest’s standout feature was its dedication to giving back. Every dollar raised during the event was donated to an amazing cause ‘The Happiness Co. Founded in 2020, the Happiness Co Foundation funds programs and initiatives that empower people to face their mental health battles and find happiness in their lives. With their team of volunteers, they aim to spread happiness in the community through events, activations and support groups for anyone affected by mental health struggles.

Amplifying the Brand

Fit-Fest not only raised funds for charity but also boosted the S30 brand. The increased exposure from the event solidified the brand’s reputation as an innovative and community-focused fitness franchise. It attracted potential franchisees and contributed to overall brand growth.

We are already hard at work, planning and strategizing for Fit-Fest 2024. Our goal is clear: to make next year’s event even bigger and better, with more opportunities for the fitness community to come together, celebrate, and contribute to the greater good.

Stay tuned for updates and announcements as we roll out our exciting journey towards Fit-Fest 2024!